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Marine Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


  Marine aluminum honeycomb panels are usually made of 5000 series aluminum as face plates, hexagonal aluminum material as the core, and two-component resin glue as the sticking agent. The panels have been compounded by vacuuming or laminating. They can be widely applied to cars, ships and vessels as exterior decorative panels, built-in panels, stone panels, punched panels, flocking sound-absorbing panels etc.
marine aluminum honeycomb panels

  Marine aluminum honeycomb panels have a low density (about 3 to 9 kilograms per square meter), which is 1/5 of wood panels of the same thickness, 1/6 of glass and 1/7 of solid aluminum boards. This greatly reduces the load difficulty and construction cost. Containing large amounts of air, the panels are soundproof (air insulation up to 25dB), heat insulating (thermal resistance up to 0.02 (m2•K/W)), fireproof (fire rating up to A2), waterproof and moisture proof. They release no harmful gas release and has a high specific strength per unit mass, a high specific stiffness (structure stiffness is 1.7 times that of rib type). Marine aluminum honeycomb panels completely overcome defects of large deformation and intermediate collapse that are likely to occur with large panels. They feature in extremely high flatness and good seismic performance. The processing is so convenient that the hem can be cut arbitrarily and that the surface can be coated with a variety of colors. Other advantages include strong resistance to pressure, large load bearing, light weight, and 100% recyclable.