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Furniture Made of Aluminium Honeycomb Panel


  A new type of furniture that is made of aluminium honeycomb panel, has recently come into fashion. As the King material, wood has ruled furniture industry for thousands of years all over the world. This new kind of furniture, however, is said to have numerous advantages over wooden furniture. Some experts in the industry even declare that we should replace wood boards with aluminium honeycomb panel in the future.
aluminium honeycomb panel

  What strengths, then, does aluminium honeycomb panel have over wooden boards? First, it’s of low pollution. As a matter of fact, manufacturers believe that it gives off no pollutants at all, because no application of glues is involved as in production of wooden furniture. In addition, aluminium honeycomb panels have higher recyclable value, but wood boards serve only as firewood once removed from complete furniture. Although some old furniture has collection values, this is only a bucket in the sea. Most wood furniture is faced with disastrous end of polluting the environment. Second, it boasts long service life. Displaying perfect properties against water, fire, worms and other usual threats for wooden furniture, aluminium furniture can last decades without deformation. It withstands more load as well, because aluminium panels are of good tensile strength and strong hardness. Third, furniture of aluminium honeycomb panel is of vivid design. It’s convenient for workers to drill aluminum sheets or panels with various holes, or to make grooves for flexible connections. To make the furniture real and acceptable, manufacturers coat aluminum panels with wood grain or other designs. The effect proves to be so great that you can never tell it from a wooden furniture unless you touch it. Fourth, it’s of low cost and simple process. According to a manufacturer, the cost for one square meter of aluminum cupboard is less than that of a wooden one. In the production process there’s no need for frames or steel supports as in that of wood furniture, so relative costs are saved.