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Aluminum honeycomb core panel process 2


  This is the second part for manufacturing process of aluminum honeycomb core panel products.

  6. Write a sheet metal processing specification, indicating the processing flow, tolerance requirements, precautions, processing points, and so on.

  7. Write a sheet metal processing blanking table with a large font size. The texture direction is expressed as "↑" in the length direction; the texture direction indicates "→" in the width direction.

  8. For CNC cutting and numerical control to carry out the material, computer programming should be carried out, and the U disk and other technical materials should be deposited with the workshop director for signing.
aluminum honeycomb core panel

  9. Prepare aluminum honeycomb panel processing instructions, specify the processing flow, aluminum honeycomb core requirements, adhesive material requirements and construction process, profiled mold drawings, aluminum honeycomb panel construction process, how to follow-up processing.

  10. Provide accessory drawings, installation drawings and installation requirements.

  11. Proof technical documents prepared by other personnel.

  12. Archive the completed drawings and technical documents.

  13. On-site guidance to solve difficult problems such as aluminum honeycomb panel installation.

  14.Answer the aluminum honeycomb core panel processing problem.