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Advantages of aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels


  Aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels are a new material in the ceiling industry. In the past materials used in building construction used to be glass or stone. In recent years emerging of the aluminum honeycomb panel brings vigor to the ceiling industry. Aluminum honeycomb panels canada are extensively used in wall curtains and interior decoration. As ceiling panels they help to create an enchanting beauty in buildings. Deciding the main interior decoration style of a building, aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels have the following advantages.
aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels canada

  First, good fire-proof property. This is crucial for a construction material, considering over two hundred fires occur and take away 4 lives every day in China alone. Imagine how horrible it would be if we take the whole globe into account. As a regular material it does not catch fire as easily as other decoration materials like plastics or wood. Second, excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminum honeycomb panel is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon and has strong corrosion resistance. It has gone through a 48-hour salt spray test and no pinholes, cracks or bubbles appear. Third, environmental. As a pure aluminium product, aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels give off no toxic gases or rays. They are almost 100% recyclable. Fourth, Aluminum honeycomb panels are easy to disassemble and do not break the panels. Due to their light weight and convenient transportation, they can be transported to different places for repeated use, which is an overwhelming advantage over partition plates of other materials.

  Because of the high cost and high requirements of materials and construction technology, aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels are mostly used in medium and high-end buildings, so the effect on the installation will be extraordinarily particular, and the metal sheet has many shapes and decorative features. Boasting uniform warm colors like silver and beautiful metal texture, they help to create a serious and simple urban style for a building.