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Aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum veneers


  In the Chinese language the two products “aluminum honeycomb panels” and “aluminum veneers” sounds similar, and both are used in roofing, ceiling and wall curtains. Thus not a few people are wondering about their differences.
aluminum honeycomb panels

  Aluminum veneers are actually aluminum sheets with a coated surface. They have a simpler structure and composition. Aluminum honeycomb panels china, on the other hand, are a kind of composite aluminium panels consisting of at least three parts: two facial panels and an aluminium honeycomb core. They look like sandwiches at the section. Aluminum veneers can be of almost all alloys, including 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx. The best is 5xxx with anodized surface. The facial panels of aluminum honeycomb panels are of 3xxx and 5xxx aluminium alloys, too. The face is made of fluorocarbon roll, which is formed by hot pressing or pressing, and the process is much more complicated than the aluminum veneer.

  Aluminum honeycomb panels have a stronger hardness, a better fire proof property, a lighter weight and a better performance in insulation. Correspondingly they are about 40% to 50% more expensive than aluminum veneers. In spite of this, honeycomb panels are more and more widely applied in various construction projects, especially in railway stations, metro stations, hotels and home decoration.