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Aluminum honeycomb panel strength | Honeycomb panel manufact


  Aluminum honeycomb panel strength is very high. From the mechanical point of view, the structure of the honeycomb panel is similar to that of many I-beams. The panel is similar to the flange of the I-beam, which mainly functions to bear the in-plane load, while the aluminium honeycomb core is similar to the web of the I-beam, its main function is to withstand the shear stress and connect and support the upper and lower panel parts. However, the honeycomb core is different from the web of the I-beam. It is not a thin rib but a dense reinforcement. The core layer is fixed in the entire surface of the panel, and the height of the core layer is much larger than the thickness of the panel. The multiplication is multiplied, and the overall stability is also increased while increasing the overall stiffness.
aluminum honeycomb panel strength

  As a new material technology in the military industry, aluminum honeycomb panels are one of the most critical areas in national science and technology development planning. Together with information technology, biotechnology and energy technology, it is recognized as a high-tech newcomer in today’s society and for a long time to come. Technology is the most important material basis for a national defense force.

  Aluminum honeycomb panel It is widely used in the barracks, square cabins, gas transport tank brackets, etc. of the elite troops with the characteristics of "light weight", "high strength", "fireproof", "sound insulation", etc. , rapid transfer, mobile combat provides good conditions.

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