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Aluminum Honeycomb Core


Specification of Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Name Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Material Aluminum foil alloy
Foil thickness(mm) 0.02, 0.03,0.04,0.05,0.06,0.07,0.08,0.09,0.1
Standard HB5443-90
Temperature range applied -55~175°C in long term
Cell size tolerance within ±10%
Density tolerance within ±10%
Certificate ISO9001, ISO14001
Conditions supplied Expanded or not expanded, full blocks or cut slices, perforated or imperforated, corrosion treated or untreated, die cut size ect
aluminum honeycomb core
Advantages of Aluminum Honeycomb Core
1. Excellent Strength
The uniquely shaped and interconnecting cores create a very strong panel, resistant to adverse weather conditions and other pressures.
2. Exceptionally Flat Surface
Supported by unique vertical cell structure of honeycomb, the surface of aluminum panel reaches to a high degree of flatness, which is further improved by our advanced processing steps.
3. Light Weight
Without a solid core like other composite panels, our panels, of unique honeycomb structure, dramatically reduces the weight of the finished product.
4. Fire Retardent
Haomei honeycomb panel is made solely of aluminum and can therefore prevent fire spreading and increase the safety index.
aluminum honeycomb core
5. Insulating and Sound Proof
Even common aluminum panels are of excellent insulation and sound proof performances. Our aluminum honeycomb panels give even better relative performances owing to their unique structure and sealing technology.
Application of Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Haomei aluminum honeycomb core can be applied to boat hulls, auto racing bodies, train car panels, ship panels, ground transportation structures, military shelters, ground antennas and special purpose panels.
aluminum honeycomb core