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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Price


  There are no fixed standards for aluminum honeycomb panel price. Generally speaking, the panel is from 20 to 100 dollars per square meter. Some suppliers even offer less than 10 dollars. A supplier is not able to give a specific price before getting detailed parameters and quantities required, because aluminum honeycomb panel price is influenced by many factors.
aluminum honeycomb panel price

  The influencing factors include the real-time aluminum ingot price and wanted aluminium honeycomb panel’s specification, thickness, surface treatment process, manufacturing process, supplier nature, processing cost, brand, delivery cost and tax rate. The specification decides types and cost of raw materials. Thicker face panels cost more than thinner ones, and 3xxx aluminium base plates are cheaper than 5xxx ones. Under the condition that other requirements are the same, the thicker a piece of panel is, the more expensive it is. There are not a few surface treatment methods such as stretching, powder spraying, painting coating, pvdf coating, perforation, heat transfer printing and so on, and the cost varies correspondingly. The manufacturing process refers to steps like shape processing of curved shape, shape, roller, etc. The supplier nature means whether a supplier is a manufacturer or a simple trading company. Commonly manufacturers offer lower prices for aluminum honeycomb panel of the same quality. Trading companies usually add purchase cost to processing cost in order to obtain business profit. Delivery and tax costs are stable most of the time, but may fluctuate sometimes with changes in governmental policies and market states.