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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Construction


  Aluminum honeycomb panel for construction is winning increasing popularity. It’s widely used as wall cladding, wall panels, ceilings, flooring, partition panels and furniture boards etc. An aluminum honeycomb panel consists of three parts: the front plate, the back plate and the honeycomb sandwich. The sandwich is a honeycomb-like layer composed of numerous small closed hexagon spaces. This is another example of human kind learning from the nature. Unique structure of hexagon spaces enhance the integrated strength of honeycombs substantially. Honeycombs can be so strong that it’s hard to tear them apart by bear hands. They remain safe and sound in either rainy or windy days. Special structures create extraordinary mechanical property. Honeycomb panels withstand much more load than a solid plate of the same weight.
aluminum honeycomb panel for construction

  If you’d like, aluminum honeycomb panel for construction can help you finish both exterior and interior decoration in all panel-requiring cases. For exterior walls there are panels with stone grain, tile grain and even wood grain. While being used for ceiling, the panels can be printed with various designs and patterns like diamonds, flowers etc. Few flooring at home adopts aluminum honeycomb panels, but suspended floors, like stages, are likely to be composed of such metal panels that are easy to be installed and dismantled. The panels can also be used as partition for washing rooms, separating the toilet and shower spaces. Furniture panels are a new application of the panel, but it has a promising future, because aluminum furniture actually has all advantages yet no disadvantages of wooden furniture. The panel is light, strong, fire-proof, water-proof, noise-proof, worm-proof, corrosion resistant and non-toxic, serving as an excellent metal material for construction.