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Thermal Insulation of Aluminium Honeycomb Panel


  Aluminium honeycomb panel is regarded as unequalled material for ceilings and wall boards because of its numerous advantages over its competitors. It boasts excellent hardness, flatness, sound insulation, fire resistance as well as thermal insulation property.
aluminium honeycomb panel

  Why does aluminium honeycomb panel demonstrate outstanding thermal insulation? If you examine its profile map, you will find that it’s composed of small hexagon cylinders. The cylinders are sealed by six layers of covers altogether. The upper three layers are respectively fluorocarbon spraying-type baking finish, tridite and aluminium plate. The bottom three layers consist of aluminum plate, polyester baking finish and adhesive film. These six layers are fixed together stably with adhesive film. In this way, air in each cylinder is closed inside. Owing to the fact that still air has dissatisfying heat conductivity, it takes much longer time for the air in the cylinder to pass heat out than air that can flow freely. In other words, temperature changes very slowly in a piece of aluminium honeycomb panel. If you still find it hard to figure this out, recall your experience of cool wind blowing in a stuffy room. The room has remained hot because hot air does not flow out. Once cool air flows in, it squeezes hot air out, and the room becomes cooler. A hexagon cylinder serves just like a stuffy room, and unfortunately no cool wind will be able to blow in, thus the room stays stuffy. With thousands of cylinders connecting together, an aluminium honeycomb panel functions as a natural heat insulation board. Besides, the honeycomb panel is usually of larger thickness than panels of other types. Its thickness can reach as large as 200mm, while normal thickness of aluminum plate is only 1.2mm.

  Aluminium honeycomb panel shows outstanding thermal insulation because air is closed inside hexagon cylinders and has dissatisfying heat conductivity. Beside, it has larger thickness. Aluminium honeycomb panel can be applied widely for building construction and vehicle production. If you have relative needs, welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!