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Application of Aluminium Honeycomb Panel


  As a cost-efficient material, aluminium honeycomb panel covers a wide rang of application. In previous articles we have mentioned its usage as metro ceilings. Today we are going to have a detailed introduction to its application.
aluminium honeycomb panel

  Aluminium honeycomb panel can be used as raw material for exterior wallboard. Light, strong and uniquely shaped, it adds taste to buildings of various design styles. In interior area the panel also fully performs itself. It serves to separate working units and good stands, or decorate a room as beautiful ceilings. Advertising boards can be made from aluminium honeycomb panel, too. In addition, it contributes a lot to manufacturing of vehicles and aeroplane. It’s used as components of commercial transportation vehicles, containers, buses, trains, ships and planes. Recently furniture industry has been taking more and more market share in application of aluminium honeycomb panel. The panel proves to be excellent material for cupboards, closets and tables. It neither contains nor generates any harmful chemicals, which spares furniture manufacturers from numerous lengthy procedures from the government. What’s more, the panel can be made with various designs, such as wood grains or stone grains.

  Haomei Aluminum manufactures and supplies aluminium honeycomb panel of various applications. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!